Letters for RaisaTwisted Media NYC is proud to be in partnership with Oreima Films to present “Terjebak Nostalgia”/“Letters for Raisa”, the latest project from Indonesia’s award winning Director, Rako Prijanto. 
“Terjebak Nostalgia”/“Letters for Raisa” is a feature length film inspired from a popular song with the same title from Indonesia’s pop star, Raisa Andriana . It follows the life altering journey of a young woman, Raisa (Raisa Andriana) from Jakarta to New York City in finding out the truth behind the disappearance of her missing boyfriend, Sora (Maruli Tampubolon). 
2 years after Sora went missing, Raisa received a letter from New York: he is still alive. She knows right away that she must go to New York, although it means putting her singing career in jeopardy. Against the advice of Reza (Chicco Jericho), Raisa still determines to go. Unable to let the woman he loves go by herself, he goes with her, unaware of what is he’s getting himself into. 
The project is scheduled to come to New York in September 2015 and we’re very excited about this collaboration. We are working  with Line Producer, JB Bruno from Fire Lotus Entertainment, LLC as the production service company on the film.